tuckr is New Zealand’s first not-for-profit food/beverage ordering mobile app and platform.

We're committed to the best customer experience at the lowest possible transaction fee. Our aim is to help keep local profits local, and to support the New Zealand businesses that actually created them.

By not giving up 33% of an order’s value, our independent restaurants and food suppliers have the best chance of retaining their staff and surviving into the future. We think that way, everyone wins.

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"tuckr's success will never be measured in profits, but by how many businesses we help survive this crisis, and how many jobs we can create or save."
Anna Dao, Founder

New Zealand Businesses:

Why Give Up a Third of Your Order Value?

Restaurants: no third-party cuts


These were unprecedented times for the hospitality industry, and the last thing you need is for third party ordering apps to take a cut of your profits.

Producers: mobile platform to aggregate produce suppliers


We’ve recognised that there is a lack of mobile platform that aggregates produce suppliers in the market, and truly think that tuckr is something local kiwi businesses can benefit from.

World-class mobile app
tuckr gives your customers a world-class ordering experience for pick-ups and deliveries
Fund paid directly to the restaurant
All revenues go directly to your business. tuckr is not a middleman profiting off your hard work
Zero set up costs
Zero set-up costs
Lowest transactions costs in the industry
tuckr is committed to the lowest possible transaction costs in the industry at just 2.5% plus credit card processing fees
You deal with your customers
You’re the service industry experts - you control the customer experience and deal with your customer directly
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New Zealand Food Lovers: Give Your Local Businesses the Support They Really Need, and Discover New Favourites

Help local businesses keep the profits
Help local businesses keep the profits they earn and deserve from their hard work
Support local restaurants
Support the local restaurants you love and help keep them in business into the future
Funds paid direct to local businesses
Discover some of New Zealand’s finest locally sourced produce all in one platform, and order it to your front door
Discounts and loyalty rewards
Discounts and loyalty rewards

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Our Lowest Fees Commitment

What is tuckr's Lowest Fees Commitment?

tuckr's founders have committed to always strive for the lowest fees in the industry, and to keep as much as possible in the pockets of our independent restaurants and food suppliers.

  • tuckr only charges a 2.5% transaction fee on all orders
  • Credit card processing fees are paid directly by the restaurant to the payment processor.
  • tuckr is a not-for profit. We only exist to help local businesses keep the money they earn.

Want to Help?

If you would like to help us, we are looking for volunteers or any offers of assistance and introductions.

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